Stamped floor

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Stamped flooring is elegant, sophisticated and practical. It is a concrete processing technique, which combines functionality and a long-lasting quality with infinitely customizable possibilities.

Reproducing the natural beauty of rocks, stones, bricks and even wood on a material like concrete allows you to create unique surfaces of great impact thanks to the possibility to customize looks and colours. Stamped flooring has also the advantage of being extremely resistant to wear, weather and sudden changes in temperature, as well as offering numerous other advantages.

Stamped flooring is the ideal solution for private homes, streets, pavements, squares, bike lines, public areas, parking spaces, amusement parks and much more.

Monolithic concrete flooring is made by a fresh-on-fresh application technique treated with the Hardener PAVILANDĀ® IMPRESO, available in various colours. In addition to using high quality concrete, it is necessary to add polypropylene fibers and reinforce with welded mesh.
To obtain customized coloring, use the Powder Release Agent, fundamental to avoid the adhesion of the molds to the concrete.

The wide selection of Sirio Group Molds gives life to floors in artificial stone, brick, wood, etc. It is also possible to embellish the floors with Greek frets, wind rose, roses and other decorations. After stamping the floor, we make the expansion joints and then proceed washing the surface. At this point, it is possible to determine the intensity of the colour tone. Finally, it is necessary to apply the protective resin available in different finishes, to protect the flooring from external agents (oil, dust, moisture, growth of mould) and to make a non-slip surface.