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Modern decorative solution made from a blend of cements, aggregates, specific additives and highly resistant coloured pigments. The multiple finishings and colours make this decorative solution contemporary, versatile and adaptable to any need in interior design.
Thanks to the antibacterial properties of the protective resin, Paviland® ARQ system is a perfect solution for the different household areas and especially for public building spaces.

The high abrasion resistance, impermeability and easy processing on all surfaces makes the use of microcement widely used in the modern renovation.

Thanks to its manual application, microcement facilitates the creation of original solutions and unique spaces.

Paviland® ARQ system is used to create wall coatings and floor coverings without joints so the product is seamless and can be used wherever decoration and design are particularly important. It is suitable for residential areas, recreational spaces but also leisure and working spaces.


The application of the Protective/Sealing Paviland® ARQ Resin/Varnish provides a high impermeable, smooth, transparent, high resistant to abrasion and scratching surface with antibacterial action.
Paviland® ARQ Resin is a mono component, water based acrylic polymer resin with non-yellowing properties that improves the performance and durability of the finishes in both, light and dark colours and it is an excellent base for sealing.
Paviland® ARQ Varnish is a bi-component, water based polyurethane resin with antibacterial action according to the ISO 22196:2007 standards. The tests performed have taken into account the bacteria responsible for the most common infections in the domestic environment, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aereus, and have shown a reduction of bacterial presence by a 98%.